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About Natalie I. Leon

Natalie Leon is a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and wellness professional. In, 2009 she completed her Masters Degree in Exercise Science, Nutrition, and Eating Behavior at the George Washington University in Washington, DC. In addition, Natalie is an ACSM* Certified Health Fitness Specialist. This experience and education equips Natalie to provide exercise guidance and nutrition counseling to the general population.

Her specialties include fat loss, especially for clients suffering from obesity; sports specific training for tennis players and dancers; and functional training for posture and balance improvement. Moreover, Natalie is trained to help those with chronic diseases and other special populations.

To ensure optimal effectiveness, and to meet individual needs, Natalie uses her expertise to select the type, form, frequency, and intensity of exercises to help her clients meet their goals. In addition, Natalie applies the appropriate nutrition program to support such an exercise program.

Natalie is a competitive dancer, tennis player and figure/physique competitor, so she practices what she preaches. Knowing the commitment and challenges associated with permanent weight loss and maintaining a healthy focus, Natalie will help you achieve your goals with a gradual, systematic, and fun approach to health and wellness. She will help you incorporate healthful eating and exercise habits into your lifestyle.


  • Certified Health & Wellness Practitioner with over twelve years of experience in the Fitness Industry, including Wellness coaching, Medical Nutrition counseling & programming, and exercise prescription (covering multiple modalities of training).
  • Provides comprehensive care for acute and chronic musculoskeletal and soft tissue injury.
    • Formerly certified as a licensed Deep Tissue Massage Therapist, now practices a blend of techniques referred to as body work.
  • Competes in natural, professional body building leagues as a Physique athlete.
  • Offers comprehensive competition programming and preparation for physique athletes.
  • Fitness management, sales and marketing.


 NEW-U FITNESS INC. (Summer 2010 – Present)

  • Design and implement individualized exercise protocols/programs/ for training clients. Facilitate the learning process with specific coaching methods and tools.
  • Conduct comprehensive physical assessments based on the essential components of fitness. Outline and create needs-based progressive plan for: Individuals, businesses, and communities.
  • Provide in depth nutrition counseling and coaching for clients & patients. This includes meal planning and preparation, time/schedule meal management, hydration techniques and supplementation.
  • Treat clients for acute and chronic muscular & soft tissue injuries with specific techniques included but not limited to, Myofascial release, Deep Tissue Massage (DTM), and Active Isolated Stretching (AIS).
  • Practice Health & Wellness Coaching according to teachings and methods of Wellcoaches program.
    • Devise, instruct and coach combat athletes for safe weight-cutting phase in preparation for events/fights.
    • Analyze physique athletes for show preparedness.
    • Build a complete comp-prep protocol incorporating strength & cardiovascular prescriptions along with phase-based nutrition programming.

GOLDS GYM, INC. (September 2007-September 2008)
Fitness Manager

Oversaw the Fitness department of the Rockville, MD location.

Managed 14 Personal Trainers, ensuring all employee schedules and handbooks are up-to-date and satisfactory by Golds gym Corporate Quality standards.

Trained staff in client assessment methods, sales and retention practices.

Created community interactive games and events as part of marketing schemes for Golds.

Held accountable for achieving monthly personal training sales quota of 45,000 – 50,000/month.

Attended and represented the Rockville gym in monthly and quarterly corporate meetings.



Masters in Exercise Science, Nutrition and Eating Disorders


Bachelor of Science, Neurobiology and Physiology




Wellcoaches Health and Wellness Coach

Exercise Physiologist


Sports and Performance Coach (2014 – 2016)



International Pro Elite (IPE)