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My name is Natalie Leon. I am a Health & Wellness Coach certified through ACSM™.  I provide Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness Coaching services for people of ages ranging from adolescents (13) up to seniors (90 plus). 

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Have you been struggling with weight loss, chronic pain, or strength development? I can help you.

My specialties include nutrition coaching, sports-specific training, & rehabilitative training. I am also certified to help those with chronic diseases and special conditions. I use my expertise to customize a comprehensive movement-fitness programs specific to clients’ goals & needs.   

I will help you achieve your goals with a gradual, systematic, and fun approach to health and wellness.

Certified Health & Wellness Practitioner with over fifteen years of experience in the Fitness Industry, including Wellness coaching, Medical Nutrition counseling & programming, and exercise prescription (covering multiple modalities of training). 

Take a look at my programs below

Personal Training

New U Fitness is known for its unique use of sports performance training and personal training.

Nutrition Counseling

Lots of people can benefit from nutrition counseling, for many different reasons

Wellness Coaching

Unlike a nutritionist or physical therapist, who makes specific diet and exercise suggestions, I will help you make better general choices that fit your lifestyle.

Corporate Wellness

Sedentary behavior significantly contributes to poor and/or compromised corporate and individual productivity

Body Work

Fully clothed 60 to 90 minute session addressing acute and chronic injuries, musculoskeletal/joint pain and discomfort, general stress relief & re-balancing.

Competition Prep

Having competed myself and taken several bodybuilding and physique athletes to stage, I know there are some key steps to a successful prep.

Do You Want To Stay In Shape But Need To Do It Remotely?

Knowing the commitment and challenges associated with permanent weight loss and maintaining a healthy focus, I offer personal training and consultation services online.

I offer online movement consultation, fitness training, nutrition & wellness coaching programs. We can fulfill  your wellness goals AND YOUR safety concerns (COVID).  

Who Is Natalie Leon?

I was formerly a competitive gymnast, dancer, swimmer & field athlete in my developmental & adolescent years.   I also trained in boxing with my father, and played tennis for many years growing up in Kingston, Jamaica.  I understand the physical, mental and emotional attributes of physical training from the rehabilitative end of the movement continuum, all the way to the performance aspect of training.   

What Are Clients Saying About Their Experiences with New-U Fitness

Our adult tennis classes are forming now in Bethesda and Gaithersburg