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ACSM™ Certified Exercise Physiologist

About Natalie: Biography


I am 1 st and foremost a lover of movement (of all types) and of Food! I have a passion for preventative/proactive health-care and I truly believe that many to most “dis-eases”, conditions, health challenges can be combatted or attenuated with effective wellness programming. I was on a track for Medicine, and the loss of my father to cancer both devastated me and opened my eyes to seeing the human body and human psyche through a totally new lens.

My specialties are MOVEMENT and nutrition coaching! As a child, I was a gymnast, dancer (ballet, tap, jazz, modern), swimmer, netballer (for my Caribbean folk), & tennis player. At home, my dad taught me how to box. Yes, given he represented Jamaica as an amateur boxer, it was a non negotiable skillset. I also did a brief stint in field events: Shot put and Javelin.

As an adult I spent a lot time learning some fun dances (WC swing, hustle, salsa, cha cha) and had the awesome opportunity to compete amateurly in a few and perform for exhibition in others. Exposure to all these forms of movement in addition to my education, and finally but most importantly, learning daily from my practical work with my clients, I am able to assess & design effective movement programming to help you meet your goals.

I also reap so much joy from helping others define and refine their concept of Nutrition/healthy eating. This experience continues to be transformative for both the client and me. 


Our adult tennis classes are forming now in Bethesda and Gaithersburg