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Dr. Brian Meyer, MD

I was referred to Natalie by my trainer when I wanted some nutrition
advice in addition to my training. I was looking to make a real change and so did the Comprehensive Mind-Body Wellness Package with her.  We first met for a two-hour intake session. The first thing you notice about Natalie is that she is very warm, engaging and genuine.  She takes a very broad view of wellness and asked questions about my nutrition goals, but also life goals.  She listened carefully and then worked with me to set practical, reasonable short-term goals that would lead to the long-term wellness goals.  We then communicated weekly for four weeks where she continued to coach me through the goals and trouble shoot any obstacles that came up.  I did this in conjunction with the nutrition counseling. Again, she very carefully listened to my food preferences and key aspects of my work and home life so that she could construct a menu and food prep program that would be tailored specifically for me.  We then met in person a couple of times to go over the nutrition program – adjusting and fine tuning it.  We had weekly check-ins via written progress reports. Natalie is prompt in her responses to the progress reports.  But more importantly, she is empathetic, positive, and always, always encouraging. I relied on her encouragement to help me through some of these difficult changes, and I’m glad that I chose her to help me with this process.

Robert Brvenik


STORY: Bob and I got together some time 6 to 8 years ago.  We both lost track having too much fun together! Bob defies aging.  Bob didn’t know much about structured exercise back then but wanted to feel stronger and change his body composition. He was determined to age gracefully.  Well, Bob has exceeded both our expectations.  Looking forward for many years to come!


Natalie is a Professional Trainer and Athlete whom is dedicated to fitness and wellness.  Her work ethic, passion, positive attitude and commitment to her clients inspires them to achieve their goals.


Jenine Dreisen


Jenine was referred to me by Dr. Mayo Friedlis, of National Spine & Pain Centers.  She came to me initially after receiving PRP treatment for micro tears in both shoulders.  After doing a few rehabilitative sessions with me, she decided to train with me 1/week.  Already blessed with a lean structure and good muscle endurance, we worked on her balancing her physique, increasing her overall strength, learning how to integrate core muscles effectively in body weight movements and incorporating mobility in her daily practice.



Natalie is one of the few trainers who takes a look at the “whole body” inside and out. Since meeting her over 2 years ago, she has healed both of my injured shoulders with stretching, strengthening and body work. I recently received nutritional coaching from Natalie and I’m eating a more balanced diet (including carbs!) and my tummy is flatter than ever before! I feel stronger and my body is more balanced. Natalie always has a positive attitude and is very professional. Our workouts are the highlight of my week! – Jenine Dreisen


Dianne Levermore Thorpe

CLIENT: Dianne Levermore Thorpe

STORY: A part from our long-standing friendship, Dianne came to me with a strong desire to lose the weight she gained throughout her 2 pregnancies.  She is a very committed and involved parent, who also happens to be a PhD in Chemistry and a Brainiac! Balancing her work, home and personal life along with 3 sweet girls (at the time all under the age of 5!) was a major challenge while attempting to drop some excess body fat.  Well, 40lbs later, the beautiful smile above says it all!

 TESTIMONIAL:  I’ve known Natalie for over 20 years and for as long as I can remember she has always been passionate about nutrition and fitness. Naturally, she is the one I contacted when I needed to lose weight. You’ve probably heard my story before…woman has child, gains weight, loses weight (or not), gets pregnant, gains weight, etc. Natalie’s response….”I can definitely help you!” After our initial consult, Natalie created a customized nutrition plan, a cardio program, and an all-body resistance training program. We meet weekly for personal training sessions and she’s always a phone/text/email away. It’s only been 3 months and I’ve lost 40 pounds! Natalie has so much knowledge to impart and so much love for the work that she does. I’m thrilled that Natalie and New-U are creating a “new me!”

Edison Kuhlman

CLIENT: Edison Kuhlman

STORY: I met Edison as a walk-in/consultation when I was a Fitness Manager for Gold’s gym. He was in his early 30’s, obese, chronically stressed and an avid consumer of beer and wine. And now…

Truly speaking, I never thought it could be possible, when Natalie and I met and discussed my goal, she was confident about transforming my goal into reality. Natalie made it clear from the beginning that sacrifices had to be made, like getting rid of habitual practices that were contributing to my obesity. Like they always say, old habits die hard! Natalie’s determination to succeed is unquestionable; I remember her telephone calls where she specifically reminded me to exercise restraint in whatever I will be consuming over the weekends. That actually encouraged me to follow the prescribed diet religiously.

I have lost 75 pounds and I am still going. It was a blessing to have met someone so passionate, tough and yet gentle. You have to really like this job to be able to do it. Personal training is a challenge which requires discipline and commitment. I want to genuinely wish all those who go through your blessed talent to maximize the benefit.

– Edison Kuhlman, Washington, DC

Paulina Rubin




STORY: Its all in the testimonial!

TESTIMONIAL: Managing my weight has always been a constant struggle for me, especially in college. I tried my best to eat as healthy as possible and go to the gym but nothing seemed to be working. I tried diets I found online and even went to some nutritionists to learn more about what certain foods I should or shouldn’t be eating. However, none of it helped. My brother, Alex, has always been into fitness and health and I have always envied his lifestyle. So, the beginning of last summer, I told him I wanted to change my lifestyle, get more in shape and lose some weight. That is when he told me about Natalie and all these amazing results she has had with her clients. I immediately got in touch with her and although I was leaving to NYC for the summer, she managed to fit me in last minute before leaving to get the program going. She provided me with a comprehensive meal/supplement plan along with a work out plan for the summer, designed for my body type and food preferences.

Immediately, I began seeing results. As the summer went on, I was shedding weight and becoming more and more toned. Along with that, I began feeling more energized during the day. At first, it was a bit difficult to get used to the lifestyle change. However, I quickly adapted and tackled it head on. Natalie was and still is in full contact with me and is always eager to help or answer any questions I have along the way. Now, after 4 months, I have lost nearly 40 lbs. and I have never felt more energized or confident. My weight has always been one of my largest insecurities and finally being able to manage it is something I never thought would happen. I truly did not think I would ever look as amazing as I do now or be this confident. Hearing people compliment how healthy and fit I look is an indescribable feeling. This program has provided me with a completely new healthy lifestyle and I cannot thank Natalie enough for that!




Justin Cooper

CLIENT: Justin Cooper 

STORY: His testimonial says it all! See below…


Last April, I competed in my first ever bodybuilding competition. During the 2017 NPC Max Muscle Contest, I also brought home a few trophies:

– 1st Place Light-Heavy Open
– 1st Place Novice
– 1st Place True Novice

This is all thanks to teaming up with my colleague, Natalie Leon.

Hiring Natalie as a coach was an absolute game-changer as Natalie provided the following:

  • Nutrition
  • Education/Professional Development
    •Answered Questions Promptly
    •Structured Plan
    •Constructive Critique

If you are considering altering your body composition and transforming your body, you need to invest in a coach who is invested in you and bringing out your true potential.

Furthermore, if you have considered competing, I highly recommend it, as it can be an invaluable experience for your own growth and development, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

With the right coach who is passionate, willing to help, experienced, and educated, you may just find your own “New U”.




Tori “Sho-Nuff” Nelson


STORY: Tori Nelson is a professional female boxer.  Ranked 2nd out of 18 middle weight/super middle weight boxers. Competed in the following leagues: WBA, WBC, UBF, IBF. WBA Middle weight Champion (2012).

TESTIMONIAL: To my Nutrition coach, Natalie.  I just wanted to take a minute to say Thank you for getting my weight down and my strength up, and me ready for my 2 title fights in Bermuda.

Natalie, it was great working with you! I really dislike stretching, but you made it so I could do it. Thanks girl.

Well I really didn’t like giving up my food but with the plan you gave me I was so strong and my body looked beautiful! Well hope all is well with you and maybe we can work together again soon for the next fight! Thanks again! Be blessed.

2-time World Champion

Tori Nelson.


Lisa Napper

CLIENT:  Lisa Napper, Office Manager of Advanced Chiropractic (Dr. Donald McGriff)



I have known Lisa for almost 20 years now.  An avid exerciser and weight lifter, Lisa has always carried a great frame to work with!  Her weight loss goal was aggressive, but given her discipline, work ethic and genetics (a bit helpful😊), we worked on changing her body composition with a flexible eating programme.  Lisa lost inches, then the pounds started literally falling off! She has held her body composition very effectively for a few years now and I have no doubt she will continue to maintain!



I would like to take the time to thank Natalie for all her expertise and knowledge she has invested in me to become a healthier and happier person. Since having a child five year’s ago, I struggled with weight loss and energy. After four months of working with Natalie, I can proudly say that I have lost 23 pounds and went from a size 10/12 to a size 6/8. I have more energy and strength now at 40 that I did in my 20’s. The only regret I have is not starting a program with Natalie sooner.



Lisa Napper