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Develop Your Mind and Body With My Training Programs

I am a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and wellness professional. In 2009 I completed my Masters Degree in Exercise Science, Nutrition, and Eating Behavior at George Washington University in Washington, DC. In addition, I am also a ACSM™ Certified Licensed WellCoach. This experience and education equips me with the ability to provide exercise guidance and nutrition counseling to the general population.

Personal Training

Strength & conditioning, functional training, pre/rehabilitative training, reset breathing

This services is offered as follows: In person (private & group), virtually and remotely. New-U Fitness offers an individualized approach, employing multiple modalities to design comprehensive and targeted goal-oriented programing.  

My Philosophy

As an ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) professional, I am committed to helping you achieve your health, wellness & fitness goals. I truly believe in my purpose: To serve others humbly with my current skill sets, practical expertise and academic knowledge. This is my driving force for continuously striving to improve myself as a practitioner & coach: For the betterment of my existing, and future clientele.

1 Session Per Week

130 hr

2 Sessions Per Week

120 hr

3 Sessions Per Week

110 hr

2-4 People In Session

Ask for pricing

4-8 People In Session

Ask for pricing

Nutrition Counseling

What is it?

Nutrition counselling is a two-way interaction through which a patient and the member of the medical team interpret the results of a nutritional assessment, identify patient's nutritional problems, needs and goals, discuss ways to meet these goals, and agree on future steps and the frequency of monitoring.

"With this framework in mind, New-U Fitness's application of nutrition counselling takes on a very similar approach. We identify the client's needs (medical & physical), desires, and goals. We then assess all data accumulated via consultations. Then we collaborate with the client to establish a pathway to assist them in achieving their goals.

Why It Works

Here are the thoughts I have from my clients:

"Natalie's nutrition coaching is extremely effective. Through weekly progress reports, Natalie is always in tune with her clients and how they are mentally and physically feeling. She takes the time to do an initial assessment to formulate a specific plan tailored to each person and their body specifically. Also, the program is very sustainable and not restrictive. You truly learn how to eat nutritionally and sufficiently for your personal goals. I was able to successfully transition and mold Natalie's program to my everyday life and have maintained her best practices 1.5 years out."
Chelsea Widerlite

"Natalie's program is extremely effective for a number of reasons. First, she is by your side the whole way. She is willing to work with you and choose foods for your specific regimen that you actually enjoy. You never feel hungry or deprived. She is extremely supportive and treats the program as a lifestyle change rather than a diet. Second, she focuses on healthy fat loss and muscle building; she doesn't want her client to lose weight in an unhealthy way. You never feel low in energy when on her program. Her support and her willingness to change up the menu to cater to your needs is what ultimately makes the program successful."
Amanda Cohen, BA, BS, RN

It works because the nutrition programs are developed with the following constructs as a framework for design: Evidence-based nutrition science, specific wellness coaching principles such as the nurturing of self-efficacy& self-accountability skill sets, and finally a profound drive to educate the client on life-lasting healthful, nutrient-dense and balanced eating habits.

Programs & Services Offered

Online/Phone/Skype consultation Prescription/nutrition consultations Nutrition Exercise prescription Corporate fitness programming

General Consultation

Informal Q&A session, client driven

Comprehensive Consultation

Dietary, lifestyle and medical history analysis. A requisite for the Personalized Nutrition Program (PNP)

Personalized Nutrition Program

A combination of individually prepared documents resulting from data acquired from the CC, guiding and addressing every facet of wellness journey to you achieve your goals.

Nutrition Package

A 12-week program combining the CC & PNP with the added benefit of wellness coaching, bi-monthly anthropometric measurements and monthly meetings.

Corporate Wellness


Sedentary behavior significantly contributes to poor and/or compromised corporate and individual productivity


Statistics show significant associations/ correlations & cause-effect trends with the following lifestyle factors:

    - Cigarette smoking - Hypertension - Elevated cholesterol levels - Sedentary status - Physical Inactivity - Overweight and obese physical states - Chronic stress - Poor sleep hygiene


Worksite wellness promotions & programs have proven to improve overall affect in participating employees, for more specific information, please contact us!

Starting at...

$475 an hour

Health & Wellness Coaching


You can get a full understanding of what wellness coaching is by visiting this link.


20 week transformation Program Nutrition programming and wellness coaching (training can be added or prescribed via online coaching as well)

- Wellness assessment - 4 follow-up sessions - Nutrition consultation - 3 follow-up sessions - Training/Exercise programming optional - Payment plan available

Initial Assessment

$150/90 min

Single Session


Group Sessions

Call for pricing

Mind & Body Package (Nutrition package & Wellness programming)

$1925 - 16 weeks

Body Work


Fully clothed 60 to 90 minute session addressing acute and chronic injuries, musculoskeletal/joint pain and discomfort, general stress relief & re-balancing.


Many people turn to massage therapy and various form of body work to reduce/eliminate bodily aches and pain, reduce stress levels, and induce a calm state of being.

One may find that it takes a multitude of techniques to create lasting change. As a practitioner, I used a variety of methods to facilitate one's own body's innate ability to heal.

Contact me today to learn more about the many methods I use to promote pain relief, improved physical functioning, more freedom of movement, a balanced mind, and a heightened sense of body awareness, vitality and well-being.


  • Isometric strengthening
  • Deep tissue massage techniques
  • Active Isolate Stretching
  • Deep breathing techniques
  • Myofascial work
  • Foam rollers
  • Trigger point tools etc
  • Cupping
  • Essential Oil

60 Minutes


90 Minutes


Competition Preparation


Whether you are a novice competitor or a seasoned physique athlete, Natalie can and will facilitate your entire preparation process, all the way to the stage! With 10+ years of competition experience and working with some of the best coaches in the area, she has the academic & practical background to get you in the best shape possible for your event. Nutrition/training/posing/show prep/moral support. So getting your contest prep right is VERY IMPORTANT. Having competed myself and taken several bodybuilding and physique athletes to stage, I know there are some key steps to a successful prep.


Flat rate Fee 2 training sessions per week Not including Membership/Gym fees

- Wellness assessment - 4 follow-up sessions - Nutrition consultation - 3 follow-up sessions - Training/Exercise programming optional - Payment plan available


2 training sessions per week Weekly feedback on progress reports & inquiries Monthly weigh-ins, measurements & pictures Weekly nutrition coaching correspondence


Posing sessions (without a package) 5% off with 5 session package 10% off with 10 session packag


Final week show prep in addition to the monthly fee Can be paid in installments pre/post show



Final Show Prep


Monthly Prep



$80 per session

Nutrition Coaching

Starting at $200

Nutrition programming (intake analysis/menu/measurements & pics)

$350 per month

Training Prescription (4 strength sessions weekly/cardio/recovery)

$200 per month

Do You Want To Stay In Shape But Need To Do It Remotely?

I offer online movement consultation, fitness training, nutrition & wellness coaching programs. We can fulfill  your wellness goals AND YOUR safety concerns (COVID). 

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